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Weichai 30-40KW 50HZ diesel generator set

Weichai 30-40KW 50HZ diesel generator set

Genset Model Rated power Standby prower Rated Current Rated load Engine size  (mm) Weight KG
(kW) (kW) (A) Fuel Consumption (L/h) Engine model Rated power Standby prower Starting mode
(kW) (kW)
WPG41B/F1 30 33 54 7.5 WP4.3D38E2 38 42 Electric 1685*890*1250 676
WPG41B/F9 30 33 54 7.5 TD226B-3D 45 50 Electric 1715*890*1260 800
WPG55B/F1 40 44 72 10 WP4.1D50E2 50 55 Electric 1720*760*1351 720
WPG55B/F9 40 44 72 10 WP4D66E200 60 66 Electric 1950*950*1340 1045

Note this series are selected on Weichai and Deutz TD226B engine,  the alternator can be according to client requirement.  

The genset are 50HZ ,  we can also offer 60 HZ generator,  

the output power are prime power, 0.8 lag.


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