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Cummins 145-200KW 50HZ Diesel genset generator set

  • Cummins
  • 8502120000
Cummins 145-200KW 50HZ Diesel genset generator set hot sell

Geneset model Genset output power Engine model Cylinders Bore     (mm) Stroke  (mm) Oil Volume (L) Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) Size (mm) Net Weight
145GF 145KW 180KVA 6CTA8.3-G1 / G2 6 114 135 20 209 2500*860*1350 2200KG
160GF 160KW 200KVA 6CTAA8.3-G2 6 114 135 20 209 2500*860*1500 2400KG
200GF 200KW 250KVA 6LTAA8.9-G2 6 114 135 20 209 2500*860*1500 2500KG

All of genset are opening type, the engine are selected on  Cummins 6CT,6LT series, Alternator can be selected on Marathon, stamdford, Siemens, and Chinese local brand, such as Suvim, LEC etc
Engine model: G1 means it is mechanical governor type, G2 means electronic governor type, 

All genset output are prime power rating.


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